Anthropologistic Quotation


An Anthropologistic quotation regarding the human species on a dangerous planet—and all that society (and now much of Christianity) have given away since their origins:

“After all, what else did we have going for us [in those early days, surviving as weak homo sapiens amidst the perils of our habitat]? We ran like crazy, and we stuck together. Humans are amongst the most communal and cooperative of all primates. Our sole defense in a fang-filled world…was our solidarity.”

Why not grasp what Jesus has done for us by Pioneering and Restoring us to such a Life? Acts 2:42-47, Acts 4

Lamenting societal decay to Scott Carrier, Educator and Anthropologist:

“It was better before. We did everything as a family. The whole community was a family. We shared everything and cooperated. But now there is a lot of arguing and bickering. Every man for himself.”

(An elder of an ancient Mexican Tribe, the Seri)
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