Perspective for Anyone Truly Twice-Born and His

Written by someone for a new Believer locally


Nothing Bad Can Touch You, Now

Jesus dwells within you, now, so…

NOTHING bad can touch you.

No-one can “cause” you to grow less close to God

Nothing can “cause” you to make a choice that leads you away from Him

No temptation has power in itself to divert you from the Highest Way.

EVERY thing, person, trial, crisis can lead you DIRECTLY to the Father.

Only if you choose to “see” through old, fleshly eyes, can you be turned from God’s Perspective

Only if you choose to view things for your own sake, can a temptation lead to sin

Only if you choose to look at yourself, can a thing lead you in a wrong direction.

Look to the Father. Look to the Son!

In Him is every Answer. We may not See the Answer immediately, …so that we can learn to earnestly Seek.

In Him is Strength. Jesus may withhold Strength for a time, as He teaches how to lay hold of His, while purifying our motives.

In Him is Passion, though He may choose to let us feel empty,

…so we learn to hate complacency and learn to cry out.

NOTHING bad can touch you

You can be as close to God as King David of old, as he loved and wept and danced and sang

You can be as close to God as Daniel of old, as he ruled a pagan country with hands lifted up in intimate prayer

You can be as close to God as Job, who suffered intensely yet impressed both heaven and hell with his Uplifted Eyes.

NOTHING bad can touch you.

You are His. All God allows to happen is for your Good, for your Training, for your Spiritual Education.

You are His. Failures and successes are merely God’s various tools for teaching Dependency upon Him.

You are His. Learn of Him.

LEARN of Him

His Authority, His Demand for Respect, His Holiness,

His Sovereignty, His Wrath. His Passionate Love, His Vastness.

His All-Knowingness, His Immeasurable Patience & Forgiveness,

His Creativity, His Delightfulness, His Leadership,

His Intriguing, Multi-Faceted Wisdom, His Ways.


He knows what you thought when you were two, and he knows what you’ll think when you are a million and twenty two (if time were so measured!).

Trust Him!

He also knows what you’ll say when you ultimately chat with Peter, and Moses and Paul, so delight in your preparation, and Trust Him! : )

He knows what is happening in the atoms of your body, and knows what’s happening in the nebula of the universe. So, for each aspect of each moment of your day, week, decade, and lifetime... you can...

Trust Him.

Submit to His Training

He knows what breaks His Heart and he knows how to work in your life that only those things will break your heart.

He knows what He delights in and adores, and he knows how to bring you to identical passions.

He knows what He Wants in a People…and knows what to work INTO you and OUT OF you! Submit to His Training.

You Are Safe! : )

No pain can damage your Spirit. No crisis can harm your Character. No “danger” can threaten your Faith.

All difficulty and hardship will only serve to build, train, and increase all aspects of your Life In Him.


And Nothing Bad Can Touch You, Now . : )
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