What IS that exactly?

Fact is, everyone IS. YOU are brain-washed.

YOU have built your world out of a series of thoughts and desires. Everyone has. It’s what we do.

For example, you can LEARN to hate or resent or be annoyed by any particular person that you set your mind to block out of your life. If they cause you pain somehow, you can brainwash yourself to protect yourself. It’s not that you HAVE to feel that way about them. It’s just what you’ve done to your brain to make life easier. You have brainwashed yourself. The “You can’t fire me—I QUIT” thing. You do stuff like that all the time.

YOU are brain-washed. You did it to yourself. You’ve done it a thousand times over! Everyone does. EVERYONE is.

HERE’S the deal: We CHOOSE to either “wash with the water of the WORD” and weigh every thought, opinion, and desire against WHAT GOD SAYS—or we are AUTOMATICALLY brain-washed by satan, the world system, and our flesh. There ARE no other choices. There are no “neutral” people, or “neutral” thoughts. No one is “in control” of anything, and you “are not your own.” SURPRISE!

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end, it leads to death” (Pr.14:12).


Let GOD brainwash you! Any other source of brainwashing (and everyone IS) is fatal. But letting Jesus and His Word wash your brain is LIFE AND PEACE. : ) WEIGH your thoughts and opinions and desires, your loves, your hates, your emotions, your attitudes, and every decision....... letting “the Water of the Word” wash your brain and personality! Yes and Amen. : )


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