"Brainwashed" -- or "Brain-dirtied"?


Everyone everywhere is “brainwashed” -- or “brain-dirtied” -- far more than they believe. Of course everyone THINKS they are right and probably others are wrong. That’s the nature of brainwashing, though, isn’t it? :)

For example, in western society in this generation, most are SURE that a very heavy woman is “unattractive.” However, in Uganda and Ankole, a somewhat thin Bahima woman is considered grotesquely ugly, by both men and women. Very heavy women, by contrast, are considered the most beautiful. “Who would call a large cow ugly? They are always more valuable than a skinny cow,” they say. A grandmother was filmed in a mud hut threatening to beat her young granddaughter with a stick if she would not eat and drink more and more. Known as “the fattening,” it is an essential duty of all good parents and grandparents to make their young ladies as near to 250-300 pounds as possible. “Finish the gourd, or I will beat you hard,” said the grandmother to the young lady, on film. There is very much pressure to be “respectably heavy” in order to be married. It is even demanded by culture that the bride be referred to, in the three-hour wedding ceremony, as a “cow.” They are taught to see things a certain way, and they can see it only as they were commanded from birth to see it. The only “standard” of most people is what those around them tell them to think, in every world culture. Most know of no other standard than what they were brain-dirtied to accept on 1000 issues of human life. Most know of no absolute Standard - as a follower of Jesus of course does.

What one is taught when they are young, and what they are conditioned to “see” around them, determines for most what is “right” in their eyes -- or what they are afraid of. And certainly, to protect themselves, they must then mock and ridicule, or run and hide from “what they don’t understand,” to use the words of Jude.

If society and its prejudices, instead of the Word of God and Teachings of Jesus, are allowed to form our viewpoints of skin color, value systems, possessions, appearance, foods, relationships, and the like -- we will be slaves to brain-dirtying of society, or slaves to superstitious, lukewarm, world-loving, man-pleasing, Light-hating Laodicean religion, rather than be the disciples -- the “apprentices” (the greek word) -- of Jesus Christ.

It is the “washing of the water of the Word” that we need, and a “mind controlled by the Spirit” -- rather than the “patterns of the world” -- that we so desperately need in this present age. The Scriptures portray a very different way to understand “church” and “christianity” and skin color, value systems, possessions, appearance, foods, and relationships than the world and religious systems’ teaching and practices. Look for it. It’s all there. Allow your brain to be Washed. :)

As a brother from India recently said to me, in these “terrible last days” the Light is getting Lighter, and the darkness ever darker.


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