Broken, NEW!


Remember, when you were younger, the excitement of getting something new? Maybe it was a new bicycle or new shirt or new remote control race car? Remember how excited you were to wake up in the morning and find the “new” gift and enjoy it? And as you got older, that same excitement for something “new” was still in the air, in your bones. Perhaps it was a new dress, or a new briefcase, or a new automobile, or a new electronic gadget. Regardless of one’s culture or the nature of the “new” thing, that same excitement and whisper of joy would be in our hearts for that something “new.” Now, we know, of course, that joy and excitement over anything “material” in this present age diminishes quickly and is a “fading glory.” Moths and rust destroy, thieves break in and steal. Toys break. Toys wear out. Toys get “old” and the joy diminishes quickly and decisively. Of course, those of us with Knowledge of God and those who have “tasted the Powers of the Coming Age” know that this kind of excitement, over new material objects, is shallow and a distraction from prayer and His Value System, and we renounce it when it creeps into our hearts or minds. We quickly lay that thing that has stolen affection and emotion, but is worth nothing in the Kingdom of God, on the Altar, for the sake of the Lamb. We return our emotions to Him who is Worthy.

Yes, the worldly version of “joy in our bones for ‘new things’” is very shallow, at best. However, is there a chance, since we are created in the Image of our Father, this “joy for new things” is a Reflection of how GOD feels when HE gets something new? Is HE excited when He gets something New—a NEW CREATION? Does HE get a thrill, excitement and joy in His heart, when HE sees something broken, replaced with something NEW?! Ohhhhhh!!! “Father, make us New today. The old me was badly defective, and needed to be broken and discarded. But You make all things New. I want to be NEW, a gift to You, today. If there’s any chance that new things make You happy, as that little thing I can feel at times makes me feel for a moment, i want to, need to be NEW for You. A totally NEW CREATION, today, a gift for YOU, to bring You deep satisfaction and joy. I want to be a NEW GIFT for You! I bring my brokenness to You, and know my absolute need to be NEW every morning, for You. Can I start over today, right now, and be broken, and let you touch me and make me a miracle, totally brand NEW, right now? I want to bring You the Joy of a NEW GIFT, set before You, in my life. Make me New, Father, please!”
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