Care-Full Words and Love

Terre Haute -- High Ground


A back-corner of an Arby’s restaurant: a conversation that about 40 of us had…

From a heavenly vantage point, how different are 1) grotesque and perverse words—from 2) unAuthored chatter about seen-world stuff? Not much. Not much at all. If the words out of your mouth are “moral” but not Spirit-led (if without discernment, or with flesh-motor motives or impetus, or Care-less—therefore God-less), they are as much under God’s judgment as perverse or filthy words spoken by evil people.

Matthew 12:36 “But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.”

When you sense unAuthored conversation, do you need to “judge” it and bring some unnecessary heaviness to the conversation by drawing attention to it or will you have the courage to lead it to Higher Ground? It is easy to judge but much more Fruitful to take the conversation to where it should go…looking not in the rearview mirror, but through the windshield, moving forward.

“Careless words” does not mean that all “horizontal” topics are off limits or that all “vertical” topics get a free pass.

The heart issue at stake is care (vs. care-less). We must love those we interact with during this human activity called “talking.” Are you sensitive to the Needs of the one or ones with whom you are conversing? Or are they just objects that you’re bouncing your ideas and humor and chatter off of. You must love them. You must really consider them BEFORE you open your mouth.

A conversation about something of this present age may be just fine provided that those involved are truly caring and being sensitive to those involved. Maybe you (the one talking) aren’t being a motor mouth but are you being sensitive to the person at the table who maybe doesn’t, because of current things they are dealing with, Need to be engaged in such a conversation right now, or could be enticed because of weakness in that area of conversation that may not be a tripwire for you or some others? Did you notice, did you care? If not, then you are being careless!

Just as careless (and by default, taking God’s name in vain) is sharing a verse or teaching without connecting with those listening, letting the “listeners” zone out or not apply the truths…or simply speaking while preoccupied with yourself and what you are getting from saying something “spiritual.” Yuck.

Not just generally, but specifically for us: Father is grieved by all the talk, talk, talk, talk. We are breaking His heart. We must learn to be led by the Spirit. “HE says nothing the Father isn’t saying”—and so shall it be “with everyone born of the Spirit.”

We must learn to love each other in every circumstance: the mundane, the competitive, the casual, the dinner or lunch table, at play or at work…And every single word out of our mouths must reflect that love. This is not about being fearful of “saying the wrong thing.” This is about being so consumed with a sacrificial love for one another that self-centered or flesh-centered chatter just goes away. The fruit of the Spirit is love and self-control. Against these (and all the other expressions of the Spirit) there is no law. (Galatians 5:22). On earth, Jesus was “a man for others.” Are you a man or woman “for others”? Does that define you? Not in a Martha, Martha kind of way, but in your core, do you express and exude the two greatest commandments, “Love God! Love others!”

An after-the-conversation reflection…

What in the world do I think I can actually bring to any conversation with my brothers and sisters (or to unBelievers for that matter) if I am not spending conscious, substantial time on my knees on behalf of them? Do I have a right to take up ANY airtime talking to others if I refuse to invest in the only conversation that matters. If I’m not talking with Abba about you, how do I think I will have anything of any eternal Value to say to you? Loving you MUST have its foundation in my care for you in my closet. How dare I say that I love you if I won’t do that? I cannot. And if I don’t pray for you, then I will have NOTHING to say to you except the careless wood, hay and stubble (mostly stubble) that happens to come to my mind. God’s House cannot be completed with such lazy sloppiness. We get just one shot to do this for Him. So let’s build it Right. Make the time. Some things are negotiable. This is NOT one of them.

Love, Andy
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