Goals of a Young Woman


1. My goal is the biblical goal of Titus 2: to be a woman of character, principle, love, diligence, and to be busy at home.

2. I also want to expand my mind and skills—not so I can “make money” or explore a worldly environment, but so that I can grow in heart and mind and ability to relate to God, God’s Creation, God’s People, and those that God is extending His Hand to in this present age. I want to be able to teach others, be conversant, be Full. Learning, whether self-initiated, correspondence course, or something else that is handled from a strong Position, spiritually...is a good thing. Teaching children in order to be faithful in multiplying what God has allowed me to learn, as well as to have “windows” into the young people’s hearts in order to reach out to them spiritually, as well as to spur me on to greater learning...is a good thing.

3. Whether married or unmarried, learning to manage a home, learning to cook and clean, learning to raise vegetables should that become necessary one day, learning to balance a checkbook...all of these are good things.

4. Instead of asking, as a woman (men may be somewhat different in this area), “How would this or that provide a good ‘living’?” or, “Is this skill ‘marketable’?” I will ask, “What am I genuinely interested in? What could I possibly be good at?” Then, perhaps, I will pursue learning more of that area in various ways mentioned earlier. I will work hard in that area and see if it provides some “leads” in what I may want to pursue in order to expand my heart and mind, that I might be a more suitable vessel for serving God and serving others through “the parables of Life” that this learning experience (viewed correctly) might provide.

Special Note: The “young woman” in Prov.31 was functioning TOTALLY WITHIN ISRAEL—GOD’S CHOSEN/HER FAMILY! She did NOT live that way amongst the Egyptians and Philistines!!!!!!!!!! That is WRONG, and DANGEROUS. Many lives have been forever trashed due to the temptations, and independent and worldly lusts and situations, cultivated in a man’s heathen world that SHE SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN IN IN THE FIRST PLACE! The Proverbs 31 woman is like Dorcas and Tabitha...IN THE BODY OF CHRIST, IN SPIRITUAL ISRAEL—NOT functioning that way with EGYPTIANS or BABYLONIANS!

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