I Choose Life (response to "Life vs Illusion")


Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for your help. It was painful to hear but ultimately very good for the work of God in my life.

I’ve read your letter many times and cried a few times, not because I’ve felt particularly emotional, just convicted. I have also reread the “Virus of 1918” and related scriptures, which helped to clarify a few things.

So far I’ve seen that many times I’ve made decisions based on what I thought was best for my family and not based on seeking first the Kingdom. I know that at times I have chosen to invest in my family because it was the easier thing to do for various reasons. I also know there have been too many times when I have been at work and have not discerned the Body enough to stop what I was doing to call someone. I know it’s all very wrong and stinks and I’m very sorry for making those choices. I’ve asked forgiveness from practically everyone here. I’ve felt a closeness to some of the children that I haven’t felt as strongly before, and I see a deep need to learn to love them more. I have asked God to forgive me and have felt His affirmation of love. This has clearly felt like discipline from Him.

What’s next? In your e-mail you said, “Make the unseen the primary objective you have for your biological family, in part, by losing yourself and them into Jesus and into His body.” And in the Virus paper you said, “the most important single thing we can do for starters is to adopt God’s point of view about this world—which will set our priorities accordingly.”

Do you have any other thoughts about seeing the world clearly or what I need to repent of? I think I have some pretty clear direction and have begun to make practical changes in the way I’m functioning but if you have more to say please don’t hold back as time is short. Thanks again for caring.

Love, John

Hi John...Yes, time IS surely short. But, sounds like you have the puzzle pieces you need to start putting a Life together His way for now. It’s a Journey, and we’re all taking it together, so there will be more we’ll all need each other for on any given day. : ) Thanks for the integrity of thought. Now, put some legs on it! Love,

Question regarding “Life vs Illusion”

Hi, could you elaborate on something? I read the post yesterday about life versus illusion. You were talking about our children seeing that we serve Heaven as our priority. You said, “this is to be distinguished as far as the east is from the west from ‘christian culture and christian philosophy’ added to an otherwise purposeless and shallow life and self-serving worldly affections (or even ‘my ministry foolish religious’ affections).” Can you elaborate on the difference? I guess one difference would be the difference between a child watching their parents agonizing in prayer (or praying with them), and watching their parents give every decision over to Jesus, and all throughout the day seeing their parents worship the living God and living life for Him, versus a mom putting her child in daycare and then public school so she can “serve God” by being a “church secretary.” Or a “pastor” who never has time for his children because he’s so busy with the “church,” which is mostly externals (budget, sermons, building, programs). But I’m wondering—that “pastor” and that “church secretary” both think they’re doing great things for God, right? They think they’re setting this wonderful example of living a life for God for their children. So, what’s the difference? Is the difference which side of the matrix you’re on (or in)? Is it a difference of seeing truth? Or selfishness? Or what? Love, Kate

Hi Kate : ) You described the difference pretty well already. ONE is seeing the focus of ALL of life on Jesus and His Kingdom, and the other is man-made religious effort, lost in the machine. EVEN IF the children may not get all of the attention that they want from you (“Focus on the Family” BLAH!), they clearly see your FIRST emphasis is advancing His Kingdom and changing lives! Maybe some woman is at your house to hear about Jesus and you don’t get dinner cooked when the children want it or are “used to.” Maybe you don’t get them home “to bed” at the culturally acceptable time. Maybe money or other desires are clearly ending up in advancing Jesus and His Kingdom, rather than their toys or play. They will REMEMBER FOREVER that your HEART was for Jesus. When they see your tears in prayer, maybe you weren’t paying attention to THEM for a time, but THEY WILL REMEMBER what you WERE paying attention to—and that it was your heart and your life, not just a hobby or an occupation. The hobby or occupation thing, in the “wood, hay, and stubble” of “attending religious meetings and programs” is external, and of little value to God, or to the children’s perspective of the PERSONAL Jesus. Jesus never did, nor does He currently do those things. But a PASSIONATE LIFE? Well, that’s impossible for the children to miss! It may not serve THEM as “the focus”—but it will impact them forever. The little “devos” are only religious nonsense, if the children don’t SEE “ALL your heart, ALL your soul, ALL your mind, and ALL your strength” poured into the PERSON of JESUS and HIS Work. And certainly you won’t neglect them either, to stroke your own religious ego. MERGE the two worlds into ONE. See??!! Love,

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