Just Like a Father


excerpt from a thought expressed amongst the saints while reading through Thessalonians…

“You are witnesses, as is God Himself, that our life among you believers was holy and righteous and above criticism. You will remember how we dealt with each one of you personally, like a father with his own children...exhorting to a particular line of action, stimulating your faith and courage, and giving you instruction. Our only object was to help you to live lives worthy of the God who has called you to share the splendor of His Kingdom”—Paul to the Thessalonians

“Notice how Paul speaks of a father’s role. If that’s not a description of how you function with your children and with younger believers, and younger yet-to-be believers, then you’re missing a given. It’s a given that fathers and men will be that way to children. It’s a given that fathers and men in the Kingdom will be exhorters to the particular line of truth and action that’s fitting the gospel. It’s a given that they will be encouragers, and equippers, and instructors of the Truths and the Righteousness and the Ways of God. They will encourage, equip, and instruct the younger ones in the faith, trust and character of Jesus of Nazareth. Paul said it so naturally. He said, “That’s the way I was with you, just like all fathers are.” Accept that as a norm. Accept Christ in you as your guide and helper! Of course, females have an essential role as well, but I just want to exhort you males to take the natural course that God has lined out for you. God has called you to “share the splendor of His Kingdom.” What a WONDERFUL, GLORIOUS opportunity...!!!”

“...You will remember how we dealt with each one of you personally, like a father with his own children...”

In the last of the Last Days, you will know that God is IN the thing, and is wrapping up the Show, when you see...

“He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.”

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