Just Like You


Just Like You

A poem (sort of) from a local mom’s reflections...

“Do you want your children to grow up to be

Just like you?”

Just like me? No way.


Does the thought do that to you?

Just like me? Unsettling thought.

Not like me apart from God.

(Hate-to-admit-it, but-it’s-true:

I can be sassy, proud, euphoric then blue

‘I want it MY way,’ Sound familiar to you?)

Nope. Don’t think so. I love my children, don’t you know?

I want more for them than ‘like me,’ you’ll see....


GOD is Loving

HE is Wise...

He is Faithful, He is Kind

He is Tender, He’s Forgiving

He is Pure

And He Gave us His Son

So that we can Become

Just Like Him

Listen to this: Just Like Him.

So—with God, through God, and by Him, I can be...

(Don’t yet know how, but a vision I can see)

Oh God, oh ...Father?...Just Like You? Just Like You!

And the thought ...has my heart & soul renewed


My children and I myself can be made new.

You are The Father, draw me near

Make the pathway to you clear

Yes, Show me how To be Your Child, and Just Like You

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