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Hi...just had to share these thoughts with a few, at least!!! (Like it says below) : ) Pretty cool dialogue this evening....Love, Beth

Some of us were talking with some children about learning, learning, learning and sharing what you’re learning with others. A thought was, “But I get so worried about what others will think.” Do you want to know how to get over that hurdle in ANY area of life, regardless of the “truths” you’re dealing with?? Do you want to know how to get past the self-awareness that robs you of really experiencing God (versus just knowing stuff that you’re “supposed to know”). When you immerse yourself in what you’re learning of Father, of His goodness, of His creation, of the laws of the seen as well as the unseen, of nature and space and time; when you are diving head first into a body of knowledge about anything at all, THIS will be the result...

“We can’t help speaking about what we have seen and heard!!!!” You won’t be able to keep your mouth shut! When you lose yourself in truth—any truth—and when you begin to “see” the beauty of the thing, and make it a part of you...regardless of which corner of creation it comes from...you won’t be able to keep yourself from speaking of what you’ve seen and heard! Because it’s ALL GOD!! And it’s all amazing!

I think that’s a pretty fantastic way to approach life! Diving in head first, exploring, probing, losing yourself in what you’re coming to understand. The “lightbulbs” start going off and “WOW!!! This is really cool!!” You won’t be able to HELP but speak of what you’ve seen and heard!! That’ll sure take the doldrums out of learning a bunch of “facts” and spitting them back, eh??

For those who have been miraculously rescued from the realm of death and Wonderfully Ushered into the Kingdom of Light and Love and Liberty, I thought you might appreciate this “take-off” on a little children’s rhyme you may have heard in your earlier days.... : )

No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks.

No more boredom, no more dread, no more using just your head.

No more “classes” no more “Briiiing!” Now you’re learning from the King!

No more slouching in your seat, now you’re jumping to your feet!

I’ve got to know, tell me more! This is awesome, it’s no bore!

Times and places gone forever, must we go to “school”? No never!

Pitch the schedules, pitch the speeches, NOW, all of Life will teach us!

Now it’s passion, zeal and more, with some Vision, you will soar!

Every day in every home, not a one of us alone,

Facing “system’s” drudgery, from that bondage we are free.

Done with rituals, dead and stale, that leave you yawning, droopy, pale.

No longer chained to “proper form,” we’ve been set free, we’ve been reborn!

Sitting, walking, on Life’s way, there’s NOTHING we can’t learn today.

Search and probe and push the limits, immerse yourself, for GOD is in it!

Look with spunk to unknown worlds, where “status quo” will be unfurled.

Every paradigm be shattered, and we’ll find what really matters!

God is Good and Life is full...For us there’s no more “going to school”! : )

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