"Pen Pals"??


Question: Hi, It seems like one subject that frequently comes up with our children is “having friends.” We’ve been talking to the children about it, and have been telling them that REAL “friends” are those who love God with all of their hearts. Of course, having “friends their own age” is a big deal, to the teenagers especially. Do you think that maybe some of our children could correspond by mail or e-mail, with some of the teenagers in the church there? Could we set up some “pen pal” situations between them? Let us know what you think.

Hey : ) I know it SOUNDS like a good idea to have “pen pals”—but both sentimental adults and foolish children (as the Proverbs writer called them) discipling one another because they are the same height is a bad idea in person, OR over email. : ) We don’t even really allow them to “run together” when they live next door to each other, unless their relationships are balanced such that they are JUST as likely to confide in or “run with” one three times their age (adults) or half their age. And “special bestest friends” are a perversion and impediment to True Life, too. It quickly descends into the slimy pit of “they UNDERSTAND me” nonsense. Women and children often “fall into” this as surely as fallen flesh tends to clump together by “skin color” or “educational background” or “net worth” or “hobby interests”—left to its own, unimpeded by Truth and Righteousness. SO! All of that to say, probably can’t be any pen pals, adult or child. But I DO understand why you asked, and totally understand your heart behind the idea. : ) It is just Higher Ground to build relationships as they build (“Unless the Lord builds the House....”) and with no respect to height or any other such external factors. Make sense? Love,

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