Successful Child Rearing


With our childrearing, as well as with our other relationships...success is not measured by our circumstances, nor by how “good” things are going. We must NOT find our satisfaction in whether or not things are changing the way we think they should. We must NOT find our peace in the fact that things are “good” or, at least, “getting better.” Our Peace must be found in the Blood of Christ as our worth to the Father, and, as it relates to our lives in this present age, our “success” is measured by our FAITHFULNESS to our Father in these three things:

1. MY response to the tense moments, the hurt, the challenging issues, rebellion or betrayal or disobedience, the confusion...My RESPONSE needs to be patient, kind and peaceable, no matter WHAT else may happen. THIS is “success” in GOD’S eyes, which is all that really matters.

2. Whether with our children or in relationships with adults, our success is NOT to be measured by whether or not things are going well. OUR second goal, and God’s Pleasure with us, is not related to “getting results.” Rather, our “success” in God’s eyes is that we constantly speak the Truth in Love to those who are not as close to Him as they could be—no matter WHAT the consequences of trying to do so. (Not neglecting point one, of course!)

Our job is to be consistent in the correction of our children, without fatigue or loss of vision creeping in to dilute our faithfulness. OUR job is to plant Eternal Seeds of the TRUTHS of God in their hearts, and participate in whatever ways the law of Sowing and Reaping might be expressed to them—verbally or otherwise.

God has not called us to be “successful” as the world would measure it. (Jesus would not have qualified under those terms, as he “failed” with the majority of people that he met, since they did not respond well to him or endure in His Teachings). God has simply called us to be faithful ambassadors—consistent, loving, patient, and persistent in the sowing and applying of the Seed of His Word. Whether teaching and disciplining with a child entrusted to us, or faithful, watchful, loving, kind responsiveness to the things that are unlike Jesus in those that would wear His Name—these are the measurements of “success” in God’s House. NOT whether or not things change overnight.

3. The third measurement of “success” is whether we have TRULY done something about the difficult situations ON OUR KNEES. Not just talked about it, or thought about it, or casually mentioned it to God in passing as we go about our busy, busy days—but TRULY separated ourselves for God from our day and circumstances and TALKED clearly to Him about it all. THIS is “success” in God’s Sight. NOT whether or not things are going well.

BE SUCCESSFUL, as GOD defines it!! If you’ll do these things, no matter what your circumstances, whether good things are happening around you or not so good—go to sleep at night knowing that you have pleased the Father in this relationship (with children, parents, spouse, or any other). He has called us to Faithfulness in these three areas, no matter what else would happen. Please?
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