Transition from Young Person to Adult


Question: This question came up last night in a discussion with some believers who have been home schooling and pretty much have kept their children from the world system, the question came up at what age do the young ones start getting exposure to the working world or even to the world? What would be some practical considerations for when “THE RIGHT TIME” might be? Have you found 18 (after graduating from high school) THE TIME that this transition (from young person to adult) takes place whether they go to college or into a job? Basically, this is a transition where the child MUST now make choices/decisons—it’s the point where mom and dad aren’t there to decide. When home schooling it was easy—they would run to the parents, but now perhaps they have to deal with an authority that may not be a true believer. In addition, there are many out there that have teenage children that may not be spiritually ready to meet the world, but unfortunately, is time up for them at 18? What might that look like to keep them as safe as possible—knowing the deceitfulness of the world?

thanks. for Jesus Sake,

There is not an “automatic” time. How old are you? Are YOU old enough to be Faithful in the world system? No. ALL of the brothers make every effort to get each other jobs at the same places, and ALL of our college students adjust their majors and starting years so they can do it with OTHER Believers, every single class. Facing the world system and the prince of the power of the air TOGETHER would HAVE to be the preference and strong objective, regardless of age. “I will build My CHURCH that the gates of hell cannot prevail against.” Maybe sometime it couldn’t work out for some reason. But to be in Babylon by yourself? How old is old enough? No one will be that old.
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