Circular vs. Linear Thinking


Hi everybody--

I saw this picture and thought it was a good reminder of what we talked about the other night. :-)

We don’t have to listen to that voice in our heads...that “circular reasoning” that takes us from thought to thought, question to question, round and round in circles. I also liked the additional metaphor in this picture of that circular reasoning being like a record player, telling us the same old tired story every time, putting us in the circular reasoning that goes nowhere.

Instead, I can think “linearly!”

“What does God say about this thought? Not healthy? OK THEN!”

“How does God say I should view this? OK THEN!”

“What does THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE think about this? OK THEN!!!! THAT IS WHAT I THINK, TOO!!!!”

Thought to thought...not in circles, but progressing towards God’s thoughts, God’s view, God’s feelings.

Anyway, I thought this was a good reminder for me.


Don't believe everything you think
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