Pride Cheats!


Suppose a brand new friend you made

Would cheat at every game you played.

To beat you he would break a rule.

He’d even lie and trick and fool!

If you were going to kick a ball,

He’d jerk it back to make you fall.

And if he broke a window pane,

He’d run and let you take the blame.

What if he saw your favorite toy

And stole it? Would you let that boy

Remain your friend? The answer’s no!

His cheating ways would have to go!

There is someone whose name is Pride.

He wants to come and “play” inside

Your heart and mind. He’ll even act

Like he’s your friend. But it’s a fact:

If you let Pride into your heart,

He’ll cheat you from the very start.

He’ll keep you from becoming wise,

By filling up your heart with lies.

He’ll take away your chance to grow

By saying you already know

The things that someone tries to teach—

And that puts wisdom out of reach!

He’ll rob you of your chance for love,

Both down on earth and up above.

The folks down here will think you’re rude—

They’ll see your prideful attitude.

You’ll never serve; you won’t be kind,

For self will fill your heart and mind.

What’s worse, you’ll miss the greatest joy

For man or woman, girl or boy!

God loves the world, but only those

With humble hearts will really know.

The heart of God is deep and wide,

But yours will be too filled with pride!

Be careful of the “friends” you choose,

For Pride will win, and you will lose.

Oh, you will think you’re tough and strong,

But at the last you’ll find you’re wrong.

So don’t let Pride become your friend—

He’ll only cheat you in the end.

Make friends with truth and love instead!

Let faith and wisdom in your head!

Humility can fill your heart,

And God will have a place to start.

Make room for Jesus deep inside;

His arms of Love are open wide!
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