Come and See

Jesus is the answer for every question and the healing for every wound! So if you are just 6, 8, or 12, even now begin spending your heart’s energy to think and care about what is important to Him. It’s as we look at Jesus that we fall in love with Him.


  1. An INCREDIBLE Offer
  2. A Letter from Jesus
  3. Come Near to God
  4. Open Your Shades
  5. Your Small Important Part!
  6. To Be in Love With Jesus
  7. "Come to ME"
  8. Soils of the Heart
  9. Hear! Retain! Persevere!
  10. Be Careful How You Listen
  11. Your Satellite Dish
  12. Pride Cheats!
  13. Correction and Humility
  14. Open Up Room for Jesus
  15. How Can You Love Truth?
  16. Wilder Than Your Wildest Dreams
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