Come Near to God


“Come near to God and He will come near to you.” God really said that! It’s a scripture in the book of James. God has made a promise, and He NEVER breaks His promises. He is saying to you, “If you will come near to Me, I promise that I will come near to you.” Do you understand?

I’d call that a great and precious promise, wouldn’t you? That’s an incredible promise that God has offered to anybody who would take advantage of it.

Maybe you’ve seen videos about Jesus, or maybe you’ve imagined what it would have been like to be with Him when He lived on earth. Children, as well as adults, could really choose to follow a man who they could see. It’s a little different for you. You have to pursue a Jesus that you can’t see with your eyes. But you know what? It’s really the same thing.

In talking with parents before, I’ve heard some of them say, “When my son was about 10, he would go up into his room and be so quiet that we’d go in and check on him. You know what? We would find him praying! Or we would find him reading his Bible. It wasn’t that we had asked him to do it. He was pursuing Jesus because he wanted to. He was interested, because it was his way of seeking God. Reading or praying was a way for him to come near to God and to understand God’s mind.”

Another mom talked about how her daughter would ask questions. The child would talk about sin in her life. She wasn’t afraid. She had nothing to hide. A lot of children wish they could hide their sins. They try to forget about them just as soon as they have been disciplined for them. But this girl wanted to talk about it. What about you? If you see something that’s ugly inside of yourself, please be willing to talk to your parents or other adults who can help you. Getting your sins into the light and being honest about them means you are making progress.

I’ll just repeat that promise one more time. Remember, this is a promise that God has made to YOU!

“Come near to ME and I will come near to you!”
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