A Letter from Jesus


Dear Ones,

You have heard a lot about Me. That’s because I chose you to be born where I make my home—right in the middle of some of My people. But hearing about Me isn’t the same as Tasting and Touching Me for yourself. I want you to know Me!

One day I was nailed to a cross to pay the penalty for your sin. I suffered in unbelievable agony. When stakes were hammered into My body, the pain was brutal. When the weight of My bloodied body pulled against the three spikes that pierced My hands and feet, it hurt more than you can imagine. It was more than a person’s mind can take. But that pain wasn’t the worst part of My cross!

The most painful, terrifying thing I experienced in My thirty-three years in a human body wasn’t caused by whips or nails. It was caused by sin! All of your sins separated Me from My Father.

You see, my Father decided before the world was ever created that I would come to earth to rescue each person from their sin. I had to take on the guilt for every selfish act you have ever done and every bad attitude that you have ever had. The pain was terrible because it kept Me separated from My Father, My Dad. As a penalty for your sins, I felt the loss of My Father’s Presence. Until then, He had always been so close to Me. It was then—when I was separated from My Father—that I tasted the Darkness and Death that you have known.

If you have not yet known Me first-hand, you have only lived in this Separation. I do not want it to stay that way. Do not think yourself alive until you have Touched Me! Never let yourself feel at home in this world without Me! I made you for Myself. Search for Me! You will find Me when you search with ALL your heart. I promise!

Yours Truly, Jesus


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