To Be in Love With Jesus


“What do I need to do if I really, really, really want with all my heart to be in love with Jesus?”

That’s a question that you children can be thinking about even now. The answer is that there is a lot I can do if I really, really, really want to love Him.

I can think about Him. I can look at Him. I can consider what is important to Him. I can spend my time around people who I know love Him. It makes sense that if I want to love Jesus, then I’m naturally going to want to spend time with people who already do love Him. I’m going to put time and effort into discovering how to love Him.

There is no guarantee for any of us that a relationship with God is just going to “happen” somehow. It’s not reasonable to think that one day all of a sudden we are going to love Jesus. But as children, even now, you can begin making decisions to care about Him. You can believe that He is real and talk to Him, knowing that He is there and knowing that He hears you. You can know for a fact that He already loves you!

The Scriptures say that the way we are changed to be like Jesus—and an important part of how we fall in love with Him—is “beholding” Him. That means spending our time and energy looking at Him, looking at Him, LOOKING at Him! We put effort into thinking about Jesus and caring about what He cares about. We gaze upon Jesus’ loveliness. We sing songs to Him. We make time to be with those who we know—by the fruit of their lives and by the look on their faces—love Him. If I want to love someone that they already love, then I am going to be tugging on their shirt sleeve and asking them, “Can you tell me more about this Jesus that you love? Can you tell me more about this Person that seems to change your life and attitudes and character?”

It’s a very simple thought, but the answer really isn’t much more complicated than that. Our goal isn’t to live life the “right way.” We are just on this planet so we can learn to love Jesus with all of our hearts, souls, minds and strength—with all of our energy and affection. We are here to love HIM.

Children, don’t wait for some day when you are older—15, 25, or 50. Don’t think, “When I get older, I will give my life to Jesus just like so and so did.” Even now, even though you may not understand the sin that crucified your Savior yet, at least START towards Him!

Jesus is the answer for every question and the healing for every wound! So if you are just 6, 8, or 12, even now begin spending your heart’s energy to think and care about what is important to Him. It’s as we look at Jesus that we fall in love with Him.
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