Wilder Than Your Wildest Dreams


So CHOOSE to FEED on TRUTH. Take the place of someone who doesn’t know it all and doesn’t have it all together. Don’t just read God’s Word. Cry out to JESUS! Tell Him you need Him. Tell Him you want to know and love His truth. He will hear you!

Can you hear His gentle overtures of Love calling you?

From the furthest reaches of eternity

Before time began

Jesus was with the Father

Existing in Perfect Harmony with Him

Then He CAME!

Bringing within Himself the perfect expression of His Father

He came because the Father longed to let people know who He is

To Let you know who He is

What He is like

But more than all that…

He Came to Transform YOU!

So that you could hear Him and See Him

So that together with God’s Family

You could be so infused with Life and Light

That you might actually become a CHILD OF GOD!


He’s Wilder than your wildest dreams!

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