What to do if you DON'T want to be in a CULT!

If a "cult" is a group or denomination that defies the Living God, then cults are ubiquitous. Some helpful hints.


The audio files attached here are some short excerpts from a living room discussion with some traveling Family, visiting for a couple of days with the Church here. They are about the nature of the Command from Almighty God to “get the leaven out of the batch” in the Church, and other Essential topics. The following discussion is about the Call of God, the Word of God, related to “leaven” for the entire Church, whether 100, 500, or 5000, or 50,000. We are Called and Commanded to build as the Scriptures teach the Life of Jesus must be: DAILY INTERTWINED LIVES (Acts 2:42-47, Heb.3:12-14, 1Cor.12, etc etc). In so doing, obeying the Commands to “remove the leaven” is not as IMPOSSIBLE to obey (shame on anyone who would say the Commands of God are impossible to obey!) as we have assumed. It is because of UNBIBLICAL BUILDING that God’s Commands don’t make sense, when they don’t. In a typical institutional “attend me” religious organization, since it is an unBiblical paradigm, MANY Commands of God “don’t make sense” in that environment. Even when intentions and “preaching” are good in an “attendance-based” religious world, things go haywire and must be brushed under the rug in order to “preserve” the existence and salaries. When men “build the Ark” out of maple or oak—or bring in the Ark of the Covenant on a Philistine oxcart—or worship with unauthorized “strange fire” ...the results are predictably bad. I assume Uzzah “meant well”—but it cost him his life!

While we MUST obey the Command to “get the leaven out of the batch,” we CANNOT obey it unless our lives are intertwined daily. Only THEN can we recognize the difference between “mistakes” and “sin”—the difference between “weakness” and “rebellion.” In FAMILY, we can see the facial expressions, as we can with our 11-year-old daughter! But an “orphanage” can only make rules (booo!) or ignore the rebellion to be “politically correct”—to the child’s destruction (booo). Only in FAMILY (whether 5 or 15,000) can we KNOW the difference between the need for a helping hand or a “trip to the woodshed.” : ) Just so you are clear on this, the cost of IGNORING the Command from God to “get the leaven out of the batch” is eventual lukewarmness and FATALITY for your expression of “church” in your locale. “A little leaven leavens the WHOLE batch.”

There are many, many lists in the Scriptures of sins that qualify as “leaven” and ultimate destruction by the “sinful nature”—1Cor.5:5-12, 6:9-10, Rom.1:29-31, Gal.6:19-21, Titus 3:3-11, Jude 14-16, Rev.21:8, 21:27, Rev.3:16, etc. The Biblical definition of Grace takes us yet further on to THIS place, not dependent upon “performance”: “Leaven” are those who do not “love the Light” according to Jesus and the Apostle John. For those who DO “love the Light” and are truly “broken and contrite” over wounding Jesus in their sin... there is always wonderful Hope, regardless of “performance.” Still, we MUST “Build” in such a way (1Cor.3:10:17) as to be a Family of 100% in daily “totally intertwined lives” (Koinonia), or there is NO hope of obeying the Command to “remove the leaven from the batch”—and the consequences are IMMENSE, saith the Lord. You and I are not exempt, no matter how good we think our “relationship with the Lord” may be. GOD said, “a LITTLE leaven leavens the WHOLE batch.” Just as Israel was trounced by Ai for the hidden sins of one man, Achan, so God has not changed.

The problem is here: in an “attend me” religious expression, leaven is WELCOME and HIDDEN. People just “come and go” and we think we’ve “done good” by allowing them to hear our music and our speeches. But, since there is no knowledge of how a man is treating his wife, or how the wife is treating the children, or how the man is conducting himself in business matters, or on the “world wide spider-web”—little is truly accomplished! Leaven is hidden in man’s way to “attend” meetings rather than live LIFE that’s truly LIFE. And, in building man’s way, ALL suffer as the leaven leavens the WHOLE batch and His Gifts and love are not released! Building GOD’S Way unleashes the Redemptive Power of the Messiah that Father has given us. One of His most awesome Tools is in His People who carry His Life within them! “NOW, through the CHURCH, God’s Intention is to make known His many-faceted Wisdom, even to the principalities and powers!” “I will build My Church—that the gates of Hell CANNOT prevail against!”

And yet, if we are BUILDING God’s Way, as FAMILY “from the least to the greatest” intertwined as you are with your 11-year-old daughter—we can actually OBEY God’s Commands in the context of Life and Love! : ) Hallelujah!

“And we being many are One Body, in Christ, in Christ. And everyone members of one another, loving each other, with God as our Father, Who loves us as a mother loves her newborn child!”

Father said this Relatedness to “one another” is to be “THE” TESTIMONY to the WORLD—not some lame invisible “positional” theory! Did Jesus show Himself here on planet earth as an “invisible positional theory”? Not hardly!!

“THIS is HOW... all men will know!”
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