The Curse of Self-Awareness


Mind you, of course, other diseases have overlapping symptoms. But, the Great Physician recommends you be on the lookout for these tell-tale signs of the disease, the curse of self-awareness:

1. Bad moods wildly changing to glee if certain situations turn in your favor, or people notice or acknowledge you.

2. Pride of “accomplishment” or recognition.

3. Depression, sometimes for weeks, months, or years, due to a very wrong way of looking at life.

4. A lack of fruit, due to the burrowing, debilitating nature of self-awareness sucking Life and Hope out of you, much as pornography and unforgiveness do.

5. Lack of contentment. Blessings undeserved are either not noticed, or the motives are questioned of those involved, or fear that they will be temporary robs the gratitude and contentment and trust Father intends for you.

6. When we are addicted to self-awareness, we will have an inability to love deeply.

7. We will also have an inability to share compassion and empathy with God and for others, to the extent HE desires.

8. If we are addicted to or infected with self-awareness in unChristlike ways, we will either be a feedback junkie (always needing acknowledgement and responses, hyper-ventilating when we think someone looked at us wrong or didn’t look at us or speak to us), OR we will harden ourselves with a wall of cold hard steely protection, so that no one can hurt us.

All of this is DEADLY!

The Cure:

1. Worship without ceasing. Seriously!

2. Trust without wavering. GOD opens all the doors that man cannot open and man cannot close. This isn’t about “you” dear.

3. Stop tolerating morose moods and thoughts. Stop it.

4. Remove “yeah but” “that’s not fair” and “if only” from your internal vocabulary.

5. Don’t monitor how you feel. If you feel crummy, don’t worry about it. It’s not your concern. Move on, with eyes Heavenward and outward towards others. Those “feelings” are just chemicals and millivolt charges and are NOT “you.” Offer them to God as a gift and move on. Stop acknowledging them as something that matters. That is both selfish and naive.

6. Don’t monitor what you think others think. Trust God.

7. Don’t monitor how you think you’ll look in a situation if you say or do something. And on a more shallow level even than that, don’t make a big deal out of how you “look” physically in clothing or physique, for better or worse. That’s pathetic. And trusting God as you just do your best -- and leave everything to him, whether favor with men or rejection -- that’s Jesus’ Way for all true Christians.

8. Don’t consider fear in your mind or heart as “real.” Once again, it is merely a chemical and millivolt biological concoction. Remember what Jesus said in the boat on stormy waters to His friends? That’s not changed. :)

9. Don’t consider your perceived successes. If you think of those as yours, you are calibrating yourself improperly for the future, to judge others, to be prideful, to be depressed or anxious or striving in future circumstances.

The curse, the disease of making ourselves little gods by SELF-AWARENESS....

Let’s not DO that anymore?

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