Designated Meeting Locations


What do you think about designating regular meeting locations for believers in our area?

Hi : ) … The way that seems right to men seldom leads anywhere we want to go. Accommodation, not Revelation. "The child born in the logical way ALWAYS rises up to persecute the child born of the Spirit. It is the same now." People are, without recognizing it, wanting to build buildings built with human hands—which was the last thing Stephen opposed before he was stoned, as I recall. : ) There is NO NEED to do such a thing. Simply, ORGANICALLY, allow each day to care for itself. Today, someone could invite everyone else over for tomorrow evening to watch the edited Jesus mini-series? Some days later, someone else can invite everyone over to ponder the shadow of Nehemiah's obsession with the WALL around the City and its Temple. Some days later, the students invite a slew of people to take over a conference room off of the student center (and maybe 6 or 8 go elsewhere afterwards to pray some more, and then agree to do the same the next morning as well [not "regularly"!!]). NONE of that requires any "designations" and THIS way the Holy Spirit can continue to decide where He can dwell and "circulate" day by day. If “so and so” is up late every night watching vulgar videos or even just saturating himself in "non-vulger" entertainment, GOD can disallow his soiled location by just not ever letting anyone feel right about being there. BUT, if he has a nice big house and the place is DESIGNATED, where does the Holy Spirit get HIS say-so??!! Are we doing all of this OF Him, or just FOR Him? You knew all of that..… : ) Love,
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