After returning from a several mile run a few moments ago, it has been a natural response to reflect joyously upon God’s Ways and Wisdom and Wonders.

Not the least of these marvelous expressions of the Wisdom of His plan and ways was evident as I ran through the damp, cool streets and neighborhoods of autumn in our city. As I ran past miles of residential homes of our city of 1.2 million inhabitants, on this festive family day called Thanksgiving in our country, ONLY ONE OUT OF EVERY FIFTY HOMES had more than two cars in the driveway. I was surprised, to be honest, at how barren the homes and driveways were. At noon on this grand celebration day of “family reunions” ALMOST NO ONE HAS ANY FRIENDS OF SIGNIFICANCE! And of the very few homes with more than a couple of people at the dinner table—there sadly was loud name-calling amongst themselves in at least one home, as I overheard from the street running by. This won’t surprise most who know how shallow and unstable and insincere most biological family “relationships” are at their “once or twice a year” get-togethers for gossip and turkey. It was just surprising how LOUD the enmity can sound, even from 20 yards away in the street to a passerby.

What a sad LONELY LONELY world we live in.

On the other hand, JESUS WAYS ARE AMAZING! In His Church the gates of Hell cannot prevail, as Rabboni said. “There are no needy among them” and “all the Believers are together and have intertwined lives” as they are “a hundred mothers brothers sisters lands possessions, persecutions, and eternal Life” said Jesus! Within just those we know in the church here locally, living for JESUS rather than the world and things of the world—there have been something like TWO DOZEN times—in the last week alone—where 20 or more people were spontaneously sharing Jesus and a meal and a true Family Union in an evening at various homes. No schedule, no assignments, no membership, no holiday required; no racial or age or biological or economic boundaries or prerequisites or expectations or agenda! And not a cross word or jealous expression anywhere to be found in any of the many hours in many homes, across all natural world lines!

Wow. Yes, I’m thankful. Jesus’ Ways are Right and Good, for “whosoever will”! Someday, many women and men and children will come to the end of themselves and look to JESUS, the Author and Perfecter of LIFE THAT ALWAYS WAS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE (“Eternal Life”)—the Great Harvest and Great Feast He has prepared. Lord haste the Day. : )


I was praying this morning sitting on the couch and watching and smiling at all the activity and life happening amongst us even though it was a “holiday”. Folks going to study together, working, running : ), breakfasting together…just traffic going back and forth between houses. Everyday Jesus Life together!! Applause to the Man and His beautiful Plan!


Yes! And I was thinking that for all of us who don’t experience the “everyday Jesus Life together” visibly yet in our personal experience (except “in Christ” of course!), we have NO LESS reason to applaud and WORSHIP the Man for His Beautiful Plan! We can live for and treasure His Dream for a spotless Bride, an equal yoke, a Family joined and knit together, though perhaps “seeing from a distance.” Jesus’ ways ARE amazing and perfect, and we can revel in them NONETHELESS. It’s not about doing social things together, but about shaming the enemy, destroying his works, and being a testimony together of Jesus’ Goodness and Wisdom and Righteousness. And THAT is TRUTH—worth living for and dying for, whether we ever experience it or not!

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