Dialogue Amongst the Saints This Morning


What is the message of satan’s fall, as described in Genesis, Isaiah and Ezekiel, and Jesus’ Teaching and encounters with satan?

It is this: satan is not after riches or anything as trivial as that. satan, in his wretched pride (for no reason other than his evil heart and mind), wants to have authority, to decide, to influence others. He hates submission and carrying out Another’s command or idea or desire. Unless, of course, it fits what he wants also, or for false motives—other than “emptying himself.” satan despised and despises being “under” or “behind” or “for” others or Another. He wanted and wants to “control his ‘own’ domain” and make the calls, and be “somebody.”

THAT is a fundamental difference between our Jesus (and His Chosen), and the enemy and enemies of Jesus and His Father. That is the fundamental difference between daily, Biblical, Together-Life in His Church “that the gates of Hell cannot prevail against”—and attendance-based cultural-christendom, or islam, or any other religious placebo: “The foolishness of the Cross.”

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