Do You Really Love Someone?


(below are the private considerations of one of the Saints here... In her desire to know Jesus and others more deeply, and to truly love in Father’s “ever-increasing Glory,” she put together these contrasts between God’s kind of love, and hatred)

“Towards all people and things in our lives, we will either 1) Love, or 2) hate, or 3) be uninvolved with, emotionally, those people, or things. CHOOSE CAREFULLY which of these three things you will fall into, for that choice will permanently and forcefully, in time, affect all things in your life. For Better, or for worse, action and inactions, sacrifices or carelessness, will speak of this choice and embed it into your personal history and future. Choose carefully, choose clearly. No clear actions in keeping with the mandatory choice above... results, too, in a choice, for Better, or for worse. Choose carefully. Life is VERY short. xoxoox”



If you love someone, you delight in them and are pleased with them

Mat 12:18; 17:5

if you hate someone, you scorn them with your thoughts and attitude and you are bothered by everything about them

Love wants others to have the good things that you have

Mat 19:19

someone who hates wants to keep everything for himself or herself

Love stands firm to the end

Mat 24:13

hatred causes everything to “fall apart” and wavers when it feels cheated or wronged. hatred makes commitment and relationship “conditional” and precarious, dependent on its current feelings

Love does not withhold affection

Luke 7:44-46

hatred keeps people at an arm’s length when it is “hurt” or wanting revenge

Love increases with “size” in forgiveness

Luke 7:47

hatred doesn’t realize its “need” and only sees thru its own “eyes”

Love serves

John 13

hatred longs to be the center of attention of others’ thoughts and actions

Love “obeys” God

John 14:15

hatred disobeys and foolishly chooses its own “good ideas” and “desires” over God’s current thoughts

Love lays down its life for its friends

John 15:13

hatred holds onto flesh and what it can “see,” refusing to let go, and never considers other people’s feelings, hurts, pain, or needs

Love is poured into our lives by the Holy Spirit

Rom 5:5

hatred captures our heart through worldly thinking and priorities and eats our hearts and minds and bodies like a cancer

Those who Love will see “problems” work out for the Good

Rom 8:28

hatred multiplies circumstances and feelings that are hurtful and ugly. hatred creates and spirals problems where there really are none, or they were solvable.

Love is loyal through the good times and the hard times

Rom 8:39

hatred easily betrays, manifesting itself in disloyal thoughts and actions

Love is sincere

Rom 12:9

hatred is hypocritical, and always carries around with it double motives and standards

Love honors other people

Rom 12:10

hatred promotes self and drags others down

Love is always looking for a way to pay its debt

Rom 13:8

hatred thinks that someone “owes them”

Love doesn’t cause people to stumble

Rom 14:15

hatred intentionally and knowingly makes life hard for others, by “doing” or “not doing” by manipulation, emotional blackmail, or intentional sabotage to harm the object of their scorn or jealousy

The man who loves God is known by God

1 Cor 8:3

hatred separates you from God, and all others who know Him well

Love is patient

1 Cor 13

hatred can’t “wait” for anything or restrain itself for a Higher cause

Love is kind

hatred is mean and edgy towards others

Love does not envy

hatred forever wants what others have, and then, after they “have it,” wants the “next thing”

Love does not boast

hatred brags to others and itself, about what it “has” or thinks it “has”

Love is not proud

hatred is arrogant, puffed up, and is forever pushing itself forward in thoughts and action

Love is not rude

hatred never considers others’ feelings but pushes its own agenda, since i i i me me me is most important

Love is not self-seeking

hatred promotes itself, all the time, looking for ways to gratify its flesh

Love is not easily angered

hatred is quickly angered and upset by small things, magnified by self-love

Love keeps no record of wrongs

hatred keeps a long list of how it’s been wronged, or “thinks” it’s been wronged, and forever dwells on the past

Love rejoices with the truth

hatred “gets a charge” out of evil and lies, and often the spread of such filth, justifying it as “helping” or “protecting” others. The grind and palpitation of the crawling flesh reveals its true “center” however

Love protects

hatred causes injury and hurts people

Love trusts

hatred distrusts everyone and everything, and NEVER “becomes like a child”—hatred insists on “knowing”

Love hopes

hatred defers hope, is skeptical, assumes the worst in people and “wonders” about everything

Love Perseveres

hatred gives up easily and never presses through anything, always looking for ways to escape pain

Love never fails

hatred “fails” us, and all around us, time and time and time again, and never – EVER, produces anything good.

Love compels us to live for God and view others in a Right way

2 Cor 5:14

hatred woos us to give in to our flesh and judge people by externals

Love opens wide its heart and does not withhold affection

2 Cor 6:11-12

hatred has a small, puny heart, holding back kindness and keeps people at an arm’s length

God’s love will be with you if you are of one mind and live in peace

2 Cor 13:11

hatred is your reward if you are divisive or pitting yourself against specific others

Love is the avenue through which FAITH is expressed

Gal 5:6

hatred only “expresses” unbelief and grumbling, fault-finding, competitive darkness, and an empty cavern of nothing

Love is a fruit of the Spirit’s true control

Gal 5:22

hatred is produced when the flesh dominates thinking and actions. lack of love, then, is the offspring of satan

God’s Love makes us alive in Christ

Eph 2:4-5

hatred keeps us and others around us dead in our transgressions

Love surpasses knowledge – it is wide and long and high and deep

Eph 3:19

hatred “uses” knowledge for selfish reasons and pursuits

Love bears with one another

Eph 4:2

hatred shows contempt for others’ faults or “quirks”

Love builds the Body and grows it up, as each part does its work

Eph 4:16

hatred causes mutations and stunted growth, with laziness prevailing

To love is to give yourself up, a fragrant offering

Eph 5:2

to hate is to rally your personal battle cries, the stench of death

Love produces “depth of insight“

Phil 1:9

hatred produces foggy thinking, meandering priorities, wasted lives

Love supports those who are fighting His battles, instead of their own

Phil 1:16

hatred supports envy and selfish ambition

Love brings comfort

Phil 2:1

hatred ushers in anxiety, paranoia, suspicion, jealousy, unforgiveness, and other illnesses of the mind and heart

Love springs from Hope in what is stored in Heaven

Col 1:5

hatred springs from unbelief

Love helps us know Christ

Col 2:2

hatred keeps us conversing with satan

Love binds everything together in perfect unity

Col 3:14

hatred causes everything to unravel

Labor is prompted by Love

1 Th 1:3

laziness is a friend to hatred

Love is associated with pleasant memories

1 Th 3:6

hatred chooses only to remember the bad times

Love comes from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith

1 Tim 1:5

hate overflows from duplicity, unclean thoughts and being insincere

Love is pursued with others who call out to the Lord with a clean heart

2 Tim 2:22

hatred has many partners, each of them VERY alone

Love gives joy and encouragement and refreshes the hearts of the saints

Philemon 1:7

hatred discourages, drags people down, and dampens everyone’s spirit

Appeals are made on the basis of Love

Philemon 1:9

shenanigans and relationship manipulation spring from hate

Love and good deeds go hand in hand

Heb 10:24

hatred partners with mischievous and evil deeds

The Kingdom is promised to those who love Him

James 2:5

death and destruction will come to those who hate

Love is part of respecting people

1 Pet 2:17

if you disrespect people, you are hating them

Love is expressed by sympathy, compassion and humility towards others

1 Pet 3:8

hatred is expressed by being unsympathetic, harsh, and proud towards people

Love covers a multitude of sins

1 Pet 4:8

hatred holds a long list of “wrongs” in its head

Love is made complete by obedience

1 John 2:5

hatred is fully blown by disobedience

Love is being like Jesus and laying down our lives for each other

1 John 3:16

hatred is buddying up to self thoughts, and caring about our own life, above all

If we love one another, God’s Love is made complete in us

1 John 4:12

if we hate each other, we haven’t given God a chance

Perfect Love drives out fear.

1 John 4:18

hatred ushers in fear

“And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.” (1John 4:16)
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