It's a Very Special Time to be Living in this World!


Can we be “honored” to suffer for His name? It “feels” bad, but maybe it’s okay. The Bible seems to make it clear that it’s okay—and an HONOR.

Will we “shrink back” as the Hebrews writer encouraged us not to do? Will suffering for Him and His Truths (inseparable) have to be by someone else, somewhere else—because we refuse to accept the possibility that we will be accused, lied about, misunderstood, and persecuted for not embracing the culture and doctrines of men? Do we always HAVE to shimmy out of “pain” by whining or explaining? MUST we escape rejection and hate-crimes by the common practice of “blending in” with the world’s sins, excuses, and it’s many culturally acceptable religions?

Nah. “Though none go with me, still I will Follow.”


Jesus was “a Lamb led to the slaughter, silent before His shearers.” Of course we know He was not utterly silent to Herod or Pilate or others of the accusers in His life. But, “He made no threats” and didn’t spend much time defending Himself. He made simple, testing statements, but “reviled not.” WHY didn’t He “defend Himself,” though He was innocent?

Was it because He was brave, in His faith and trust of Father? Of course that was it.

But, perhaps, too, it was because He looked into the eyes of those who hated Him and were committed to lying, vices, abusive treatment of their wives and children, their immoralities and hatred and dishonesty, and knew there was no point “reasoning” with those who were already drunk on sin, and firmly ensconced in hatred, jealousy, rage, retribution, and pride. What is there to say to those with an agenda, not an honest pursuit of understanding and the full story? “Don’t confuse me with the facts” is their credo as they viciously advance their agenda, regardless of who is hurt.

That’s how it was for Jesus. And, as hard as it may be to accept in this present age, that all has to be “okay.”

Someones, sometime will have the courage to accept and embrace the “honor” of “sharing in the fellowship of his sufferings” without bailing, whining, man-pleasing, or explaining everything. Join Him by picking up YOUR cross, faithfully, without condition? “It’s a very special time to be living in this world. It’s a very special time to be Alive!” Go for it!! Maranatha.
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