Don't Believe the Lies

Satan desires to sift us like wheat, but the real issue is that our faith not fail, rather than whether we are a success or failure. We need faith to be continent changers, to conquer kingdoms, to do the work of God, and to stand firm in our convictions. Be shamelessly persistent in prayer for others.


Two of the biggest lies that satan has ever perpetrated, ever, to anybody, any time, in any generation are: 1. “I’m not worthy” and 2. “I’m a background person.” If you ever hear those words - “I’m not worthy” or “I’m a background person,” you should immediately look satan right in the eye, point your finger in his face, and tell him to go to the pit of hell and stay out of your face. There is no other place those two ideas could come from! “I’m not worthy” or “I’m a background person.” That is from hell! Don’t ever, ever, ever tolerate those things in your presence. Ever! Have you ever refused to take responsibility and to move ahead in something that you have conviction about because satan said to you, “You are not worthy. You can’t do it.” ? Has anybody ever heard those words? That’s one of satan’s favorite lies - “You are not worthy. After all, if you were able to do this, then you wouldn’t have been that way this morning” or, “You don’t even know how to pray. How dare you say something to someone else! What makes you think you are any better than they are?!”  

All these accusations are totally irrelevant. We are helping each other to be nearer to Jesus, and we don’t have to sit around and listen to some false standard of worthiness! Humility, and a heart that wants us all to move closer to Jesus, overcomes all those barriers. I’m not talking about presumptuously pointing fingers at people. That is certainly out of order. I’m talking about all of us in humility helping each other to draw nearer to Jesus.  All of us have a part to play, with humility, to help one another see His face and emanate His character and shed the things that stand in the way. If you ever feel immobilized, paralyzed, stifled, or even slightly hindered by those words, “Who are YOU? You’re not worthy!” then it’s from the devil. You are as worthy as Jesus by His blood and His righteousness, by faith in His name, and by the humility of knowing that you are clothed in His righteousness alone, not your own righteousness. It is HIS righteousness, and out of that sort of heart, we are vessels of the Most High God and partakers of the Spirit and His Divine Presence on this planet. There is a part that we all play together in humility to help each other, and those words, “You are not worthy” have no bearing on the issue. I’m worthy by His Name, by His Blood and by His Spirit. It’s His cross that sets me free and therefore, I am worthy because of Jesus. I’m not marginally worthy because of Jesus, I’m totally worthy because of Jesus.

It’s not my own righteousness, and it’s not scraping by, either. We are not beggars. The kind of heart that has courage, with humility, comes from knowing what the cross was about. Knowing the ramifications of the cross of Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus, the ascension of Jesus, and the return of Jesus and walking with humble courage is what is going to allow us to be useful to each other and to Him and to the world around us. If we function as beggars, with unbelief in our hearts laced in everything that we do, we are never really going to be able to take possession of the spiritual “land” for Him. “Oh, those are big giants out there. We are so unworthy. After all, look at what we just did.” There is no place for that. We are meant to live with courage and humility because of the blood and the resurrection of the Jesus of Nazareth. If you ever feel hindered or immobilized or like you are faltering or even hesitating because “You are not worthy,” then you are listening to the wrong source. There’s definitely a place for humility, but not a place for being paralyzed.

Is there anybody that wants to be a background person? There are no priests of the Most High God filled with the Spirit of the Creator of the Universe that are background people. All the wisdom and revelation and power of Almighty God dwells mightily in YOU, according to the Holy Scriptures, for those who believe. There is no “background” in that. There are definitely different gifts, but you must not hide behind that. Jesus had all of the gifts, but none of those gifts were background gifts. Every gift from Jesus of Nazareth is for the purpose of changing the course of human history, and different gifts just accomplish this in different ways. The gift of mercy does this in a different way than the gift of a prophet, but every gift is from the heart of Jesus of Nazareth and is part of His eternal giftedness. Every piece of Jesus is for the purpose of changing human history. All of His gifts do the Work in a different way, with different character, and different facets of the diamond, but it is all clothed with power from on high to accomplish His purposes. There are no background gifts, just different ways that God accomplishes His purposes, and all those ways together make the body of Christ.
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