Even the pagans Know...


Twice, in the last three weeks in this city, adults have been arrested in public places for leaving their children in the automobile while they “just ran into the store for a quick minute.” The pagan legal authorities confiscated the children, towed away the automobile, and took the parent(s) to jail—on the spot, instantly.

Now——I ask you THIS: If the PAGANS believe that children in a LOCKED vehicle, with no one threatening them, are unsafe, and “unable to cope with any emergency that MIGHT arise” … If the pagans believe that to the extent that they would take such SEVERE action against the parents—WHY OH WHY is it even a QUESTION in people’s minds that WE would not desire the WORLD SYSTEM for our women and children and ourselves—to play and roam freely? While they can clearly see the dangers of an empty parking lot and a locked car, they are blinded by their own love for the world to see the MULTIPLIED dangers and influences and evil of sending their young children into the school systems, their women off into the world, and themselves into every deleterious situation—thinking “that’s okay—let’s not be cowardly—we’re strong!”

The FACT is, even a pagan, generally loveless, moral-less person, can see the DANGER of a child unattended, with NO obvious dangers, in a LOCKED car—but are BLIND and foolish when it comes to TRUE danger for their own lives and those that they love.

Just two days ago, we heard a HORROR story of lives and a family torn in DISGUSTING and unbelievable ways—because they chose to build the way the world does. “We NEEDED our 2 income family! We don’t want to SHIELD our children from ‘reality’! We’re FREE in Christ! We ___.” Yea, right. You’re a slave in your illusions—and in your poor, unwise, neglectful, “patterns of this world” building methods in your relationships and ‘church’. And now you have been torn and ripped and gouged mercilessly by the enemy, as a direct result of your foolish and arrogant way of life. It is your own fault that your life is destroyed. Your lust for “freedom” has cost you ALL freedom, and your children and wife and life have been devoured. Nice work. Go. Be “free”. Enjoy…………

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end—it leads to DEATH.”—God

……….. “And you, my dear friends, we are in hopes of better things in your case.”—Paul, God

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