Experiencing Hunger


I just read the first 31 pages of the book Meetings in His Kingdom! I am stunned! We attend a mega church… but this is the ‘church’ I have longed for! HOW? How can a single person start this? How do you do it? And how can it happen here?

Ahhhhhhhhhhh… Excellent questions!! Watch and pray. Learn. Build relationships with those who you know KNOW Him and Live in Him HIS Way. Even this note you’ve sent, and however you got that funny yellow book, is not accidental. :) “Do I bring to the point of birth, and not give delivery,” says the Lord? You wouldn’t be experiencing the Hunger, if He wasn’t involved that far already! That’s good news, right? Watch and pray! Like the lepers, SHARE THE WEALTH of whatever He shares with you and enlivens within you… with a zillion “mega-people” in your environment, shamelessly and courageously and relentlessly. HE desires His Life expressed fully there, even more than you or I or anyone ever could. SO, sow the Seeds! A Holy Harvest requires the faithful farmers to sow Seed bountifully!

In His Kindness and Passion for His House,

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