Response to a Man With a False Conversion Years Ago - MAYBE Real Now?


Hi... Good to hear from you. I have waited patiently for you to See some things, for years now—wanting the REAL thing for you—rather than “a good environment for the boys,” or “good day care,” or “free day care,” or “I want to live a better life,” or “These drugs and evil things are going to kill me if I don’t stop them, so I should get some religion and some good folks to help me quit the bad things and do good things.” ALL OF THESE THINGS—EVERYONE OF THEM (reread the list!) are TOTAL EVIL SELF-LOVE, no matter how “admirable” they sound to most religious folks. Those things would just be adding more sin to all of the other sins.

You do what you do for JESUS, no matter what the cost, or if you ever get ANYTHING out of it—or it is NOT CONVERSION at all. There are no “conditions” on Jesus and no way to “use” Him for your own gain or purposes, no matter how “noble” those purposes seem to YOU. That is humanism and self-love and false religion—and we weren’t going to give in to any of those things with you.

I tell you all of this, waiting anxiously (as I have been, we have been) for many years—to hear of the REAL thing—a LIFE SURRENDERED TO JESUS TOTALLY, without self-centered “strings attached” or you would feel like you got a raw deal. When it is the REAL thing, and you are truly Encountering and Saved by the Messiah, the Son of God—you will serve Him with all your heart, whether you EVER “get anything out of it” or not. You will lay down your life for OTHERS, regardless of whether you ever get anything in return, or are ever appreciated or recognized or respected or included or ANYTHING. You would even gladly go to Hell itself for the privilege of loving and obeying Jesus for your short lifetime here. Self-indulgence, drugs, worldly lusts for goodies of any kind—DO NOT HAVE ANY BEARING ON YOUR DECISIONS. You are abandoned to WHATEVER He wants for your life. You are motivated by, “HE IS WORTHY”—not by your own desires. THAT can not be sabotaged by the enemy, nor can it ever become stale or boring or undesirable. THAT is how JESUS lived, and the Cross He invites you to “take up daily” for others.

What do you think? Is THAT what you’ve come to, or are you still trying to climb the fence, rather than to come through the Door? (Jn 8-10)

Love, m
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