Where Do We Find Our "Value"?


It is NOT in human flesh-nature to find our FULL meaningful “identity” in being Washed and Adopted, in being Loved and loving others.

We want something “else” badly! More, more! Something I can own, and something I earned and can point to!

But then, what does that say to Father about how much we value the Gift of His son’s very life?

This simple but super-natural Transformation to contentment, no! EXCITEMENT! about “who we are” and what “value” we have allows us to breathe deeply of Heaven’s Wind, and scales to fall off of our eyes and ears. It’s really the ONLY “place” Father can truly engage and enjoy and empower us. Of course. :) 8:50 a.m.

One response: Pile all my daydreams and ambitions on one side of the scale and put Jesus on the other. How stupid, stupid, stupid, to care one whit about my “value.” I’m so ashamed for every time I’ve cared. Even one breath of Heaven’s Wind outweighs it all. May Jesus purge me from all my lunacy! Jesus, You are Worthy enough for me!!!


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