FinTech and "church"


You probably have never heard the term “Fintech” in your average living room conversation, or at the dinner table. Not that you necessarily should or ever would, until now. :)

FinTech is an industry we are all familiar with, however, if you are reading this right now. It’s “shorthand” (what’s THAT?!) for Financial Technology and is the undergirding of just about all of your smartphone and computer apps and platforms that don’t involve angry birds and stuff getting blowed up.

Uber. Amazon. Alibaba. Bitcoin. EBay. DoorDash. Peapod. Zappos. (Yes, I know what that is. :)) Shipping, food, transportation, retail, and anything that involves multi-dimensional platforms of suppliers and people and transfer of fiat currencies (money) must, by necessity, involve a complex FinTech system behind it.

In the last seven years, the FinTech industry has grown by 15-fold to over $12 Billion. You’ve noticed, without noticing.

Here’s a CNN commentary:

How fintech changed the customer

The rise of the smartphone has massively changed the behaviour of consumers. Thanks to the ‘always online’ culture we live in today – and the proliferation of services and apps that feed it – people can not only access information and data they had never previously been able to, they can do so whilst waiting for a bus.

So, notice the expression “always online”? Remember how three lifetimes ago (2006) you had to sit down at a computer to “get online”? Wow. No more. Is that good or bad? Welllllll, that’s not our topic. :)

Here’s our topic: the “ALWAYS ONLINE GENERATION” also describes the Church Jesus is coming back for:

“Go into every nation and MAKE disciples.”

“The Good News of the Kingdom shall go into every nation, and then the end shall come.”

***And the church that the gates of Hell cannot overcome is NOT ATTENDANCE-BASED! We are ALWAYS ONLINE “as we rise up, sit down, and walk along the way,” “joined and knit together by every supporting ligament,” “a hundred MOTHERS-BROTHERS-SISTERS,” “never saying to another ‘I have no need of you,” and thus “hastening the Return of the Lord.”***

If you’re NOT “DAILY in public and from house to house,” “Called-alongside one another DAILY so that none are hardened and fooled by sin,” you’re missing His Plan and will need to change some things in how you view yourself, others, God, family, entertainment, sleep, sports, work, and your priorities.

“Attendance” (sitting at a desk for an online session) will never produce LIFE in 90% of those we love - as will “ALWAYS ONLINE AS JESUS LIVED AND INSTRUCTED.”

Way MORE, not less.

ADDITIVE not subtractive, as we have said for 35 years in a million situations.

His Plan is to overthrow the ever-more-obvious Gates of HELL by... “The manifold wisdom of God made known through the daily CHURCH” the Kingdom of Priests, the “Anointed ones” (“Christ-ians”)-- “by how the world SEES us love one another,” iron sharpening iron (sharpening and scraping off the rust), “speaking as the very Oracles of God,” equipped for Works of service, no longer infants tossed to and fro, growing into the Full measure of the Stature of Christ, “mechris” (Eph.4, joints set in place) by apostle prophet GoodNews Teller, Shepherd-Teacher.

We ARE the “ALWAYS ONLINE” Generation,

with the Father,

through the Son,

by the Holy Spirit,

and ONE with “one another” (1Cor12, John 13, John 17) as intimately and daily as “a hundred mothers, brothers, sisters, lands, possessions, and in the life to come, Zoe eternal Life.”

Make it so. God help us.
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