A History Lesson for All of Us


Saturday Morning, October 10, 1998

Breaking The Cycle Will Take Courage!

“The Rise and Fall” or “Fall and Rise” of LIFE

All that is truly HIS voice “shall cause the falling and rising of many—and be a sign spoken against—so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed.”

This is the formula for the “Rise and Fall” of civilizations, written 200 years ago by Alexander Fraser Tytler describing the decline and fall of the Athenian Republic. I thought maybe it should be fair warning for all of us, God’s People, regarding our own SPIRITUAL Pilgrimages. Don’t you think there’s something to this?

The Rise and Fall of Life

From bondage to spiritual faith;

From spiritual faith to great courage;

From courage to liberty;

From liberty to abundance;

From abundance to selfishness;

From selfishness to complacency;

From complacency to apathy;

From apathy to fools;

From fools to bondage.

By God’s immense Grace, and our unwillingness to allow sin and sloth to rob us of our relationship with Him and with the Saints, we really don’t ever need to fall into this cycle. Surely, we’ve all tasted the possibilities of it in our flesh. But for the sake of the King and His Lambs, to the absolute humiliation of the enemy (Col. 2:9-15; Eph. 3:10-11; Mat. 16:18-19), what do you say, by the Power of the Spirit of Christ and the authority of His Eternal Word… what do you say we break the cycle?! : ) Maybe “from abundance… to extravagant waste and Love” would break the cycle? : )

For the Carpenter/King,


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