08 The Chisel

'I Will Build My Church...'

There are no Short-Cuts on the road to Glory. But, there is practical Wisdom for those who are trying to Build on the Rock of putting into practice His Word.


  1. God's Kind of "Unity"
  2. Entrances and Exits Part 1
  3. Entrances and Exits Part 2
  4. Short-cuts Into His Glory?
  5. CATALYST: A Priesthood, Living In the Light, Together, Daily
  6. Do We Need "Church Planters"?
  7. He "Determines the Exact Times And Places Where Men Should Live"
  8. "Crisis" In His Churches??
  9. Romans 14
  10. Head Coverings? Or Just COVERING?
  11. Cleansing, Discerning the Body
  12. Truth is Non-Negotiable
  13. One Characteristic of a Lampstand
  14. True Freedom
  15. "Church Life"? Ready for the REAL Thing??!!
  16. Re: "Church Life"? Ready for the REAL Thing??!!
  17. Helping Those in the "Valley of Decision"-With Wisdom and Courage
  18. Those "The Father Has Given"
  19. Building Wisely
  20. A History Lesson for All of Us
  21. Architekton—Home Church Notes
  22. Growing Up as the Local Expression of the Body of Christ
  23. Question It All
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