By Your Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus, I Promise


Saturday Night, July 3, 1999

My Dear friend Jesus, The love of my life—and my King!

I PROMISE! I promise never to…

Let You down. And if I do, I WILL make it right. I promise never to become defensive, no matter what means You use to help me See You and be more like You.

I promise never to give up on our love and my devotion to You, no matter what I’m feeling or experiencing in this present age.

I promise never to make plans without checking with You.

I promise never to leave a ring in the bathtub, or leave others’ sidewalks un-shoveled in the winter.

I promise never to be consumed with trivial work or news or sports-related things, and be distant from You.

I promise never to give away affections or admiration to those that don’t have You living inside of them in a clear and powerful way.

I promise never to think longingly of past sin, or even consider future sin and separation from You, even for a second.

I promise to never lose my sense of humor, and un-religious relationship with You, and those hidden in You.

I promise never to take all of the things You do for me for granted.

I promise never to resent not having what I think You SHOULD do for me now, or in the future, but only to be grateful for what You’ve already done for me. I never deserved even that, but You loved me, and gave.

I promise never to be disagreeable with those that You bought with Your blood. You’ve said that this would be the same as being disagreeable with You…and that would be ridiculous.

I promise that our relationship will never be in jeopardy.

I promise I’ll never try to keep secrets from You, as if that were actually possible anyway!

I promise never to doubt Your word.

I promise to talk to You before anything else happens, every day. You’re first. Always.

I promise to never spend money without consulting You first.

I promise never to hold back a single penny, or a home, or a car, or a hobby. It’s all Yours. I promise!

I promise never to take advantage of Your love or forgiveness, or good nature.

I promise to always stand up for You and those You love…in a crowd, or in private, when You are drug down by others.

I promise never to approach You with ulterior motives. All is for You. I won’t use You to get what I want for myself. I won’t trade You. I’m Yours.

I promise I won’t keep you waiting. ‘On earth as it is in Heaven.’ Michael and Gabriel and the others DON’T keep You waiting!

I promise to never second-guess You.

I promise to never be jealous of Your gifts or relationship with others.

I promise to never give You reasons to wonder about me.

I PROMISE, JESUS!! I love You!!

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