06 The Trowel

It Matters How We Build!

What's the harm in the buildings and traditions? Why not just work from within? How we build and function in the Kingdom of God DOES matter.


  1. Participate In His Plan
  2. Buildings? Traditions? Why or Why Not?
  3. "The Christian Sabbath..."??
  4. The Intermingled, Fused, Together Christ-Life... Today
  5. The Apostle Paul's Guide to Helping Carnal Christians Mature
  6. Love, the Only Place God is Found
  7. Are YOU Exclusive?
  8. His Mark
  9. Bulldozers and YOU!
  10. The Kingdom Suffers Violence
  11. What to Do About "My Convictions"
  12. Jesus' Greatest Miracle: A Changed Life!
  13. For What Purpose Will YOU Die?
  14. By Your Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!


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