What is 'Leaven' Anyway?


I very much appreciated this:

“Those that ‘love the Light’ (Jn. 3) and ‘love the Truth’ (2Thes. 2) are NOT leaven, since such a person DESIRES to change and WANTS darkness exposed.  Weakness is not leaven.  Even sin is not leaven. A refusal to love exposure, and a refusal to change, are what constitute leaven.  So, a weak brother or sister that is caught in a sin, but WANTS help, and DESIRES that “his deeds be exposed” (rather than being defensive about it) as Jesus Himself taught... that one is not leaven. They will get help to change, no matter how large their problems are.  If they honestly love the Light, God’s Resources will be there for them and they will “bear fruit in keeping with repentance.”

from THE TROWEL, page 20

This just made me think how vitally important it is to cultivate, in every situation and scandal we come across, a soft heart that wants to see and learn and change. A child-like heart... one that knows that becoming more and more like Jesus will take much CHANGE on our part cause we are not all that much like Him!


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