Participate In His Plan

It is True, in 1923, and Now. GOD Said So.



“The tremendous power of mass-suggestion, which we call the world, can only be confronted, and its victims cured if they are received into a body which is filled with a vivid, vigorous, and conscious community life of the Spirit.”

“Individuals are powerless to cope with a power so subtle and all-pervasive as this world’s mass-suggestion is. If we are to save and rescue sinners and ourselves, there must grow up in our Church a Spirit of Love and Brotherhood, a Christian community-life, transcending class and national distinctions, as pungent, as powerful, as impossible to escape as the Spirit of the world.”

“No religious system, Apostolic Succession, no Ecclesiastical program, no rigidity of orthodox doctrine, can in and of themselves give us this power to overcome the world systems’ allure; it comes, and can only come, from a clearer vision of the Christ, a more complete surrender to His call, to the bearing of His Cross, and participation in His Plan of daily mutual openness and dependency in the Body of Christ.”
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