The JOURNEY, JESUS is the Destination

Gift, song from Rebekah R


The Journey (Worth The Pain)

The other day, I heard a love song

It talked about the way you fall in love

One look, that’s all you have to do

One look, and happy ever after, me and you

And I smiled at what I heard that person say

’Cause I don’t know much, but I know love doesn’t work that way

Love takes time

It takes years and it takes crying

It takes finding out you’re not the person that you thought you were

Love is work

But it’s beauty while it hurts

It’s holding on to Promises and following the Light

In the end faith, hope and love remain

But it’s love that makes the journey worth the pain

Love is war

Holding their hands holding yours

It’s a winding road that takes you to your knees if it’s real

Love is truth

It reveals the hidden you

It’s the only thing that cuts you as it helps you heal

I know it’s not an easy road

But it’s love that makes the burdens worth the load

I’ve asked the questions many times

I’ve cried and I have wondered why

I’ve wrestled God, and I walk with a limp

But when my soul’s gone through the flames

He’s held my hand, and what remains

Are diamonds, gold, a crown, and a cane

And I’m leaning on it, worshiping His Name

Love, love is trust

Knowing God is truly just

Knowing with Him everything is not just hope, it is here

In the end, faith hope and love remain

But it’s love that makes the journey, the journey worth the pain
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