Grace Celebrates, by Faith, the Power That is in HIM


Some of us listened to the excerpt “Turn Your Face To Jesus” today, and i took a few notes, .....this was so very encouraging to us....

“True grace does not cover up sin, but acknowledges it, turns to Him—calling on the name of the Lord. Deal with sin forcefully, but with HOPE! (Grace is not ‘God ignoring sin,’ but rather grace is... Jesus’ PROVISION for His Life in us—His Love, His Wisdom, His Power.) True Grace cultivates humility, because we know how dependent we are on His Presence and Love. Humility in His Grace presses forward with courage. One who knows Grace says, ‘I know how weak i am, yet i celebrate, by faith (total reliance on and submission to), the power and love that is manifest in HIM. My past is purchased—and my future is secure, In Christ!’”
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