Just a Thought From Florida


...I sure do wish sometimes that you all could come down here....

Oh, you probably don’t really want that! ;) Protecting self-centered lifestyles and religious myths and rituals, at the expense of Bible Reality and God Reality is SUCH a strong delusion for people, and the price of confronting those things is FAR higher than most people realize or care to pay. But SOMETIME, some folks will realize that the price for NOT experiencing what GOD intends in His Together-Life is FAR HIGHER YET. The gates of hell PREVAILING against most of the nonsense that is passed off as “church” is a MUCH higher price to pay—unless you have a lot to hide and a lot to protect, and you don’t love others enough to CARE if hell is capturing those around you. Playing dress-up and make-believe, and pseudo-theologian, or pseudo-businessman, or pseudo-Broadway-performer... those things are enough for those with something to hide and something to protect.

But not EVERYONE will disobey a thousand Scriptures about how GOD wants things to be in order to play worldly-church. How many do you know there REALLY want to lose their lives that they may find their Lives? It’s not a game. It’s the most important, and the most dangerous thing you’ve ever even thought about. Satan is real, and ALL EVIL, ALL VIOLENCE, ALL DECEPTION and FEAR and DESTRUCTIVENESS of every kind is from satan, and he PRIMARILY wants all of that for TRUE DISCIPLES, “the Woman and her Offspring.” The random stuff you read of in the newspapers is child’s play and statistics. But satan is REAL, and the “murderer” (as Jesus called him) ONLY hates Jesus and the true Body of Christ. Everyone else already belongs to him. To oppose satan, FOR REAL, in the way we Build is satan’s most hated opponent on this planet, inviting his wrath. Yes, God is Bigger, but HE ALLOWS many things “to find out what is in our hearts,” to see if we REALLY want it for HIM, or we are using God for our own selfish intents, and therefore are easy “quitters.”

So, reread your wish, and then reread my first sentence. : )

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