Great Grace is Upon Us


We thank you our Father for what You have done

Yet it's clear to our hearts that You’ve only begun

To change us, and shape us, and make us brand new

We’re thrilled at the thought of what You can do

For much Grace is upon us, it’s so clear to see

Your Gifts undeserved, yet abundant and free

You’ve taken a people, apart and alone

And knit us together and made us Your own

Imperfect we are, that we do not contend

But aim for perfection we will till the end

For Your Grace inspires us, woos us to dare

To serve with devotion exceedingly rare

And what of the future? For what can we hope?

Far more than survival and ability to cope

The heights we will scale and the depths we will probe

Of the love of our Lord in Majesty robed

For we serve a God who delights to be known

By those who are willing their lives to disown

Will we deserve this? Oh, never indeed

But Your Grace we’ll trust, in Your ways we’ll succeed

All around wages a war to be won

And win it we will through the cross of Your Son

So, martial your forces, dig deeply within

Seek Jesus inside you, root out every sin

Take captive the thoughts that distract from the Lord

Take up the helmet, the shield, and the sword

His Glory awaits us, don’t ever give in

And with His Grace upon us we’re certain to win

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