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Hey, maybe I was unclear in my question. I was not wondering if it would be a good idea to bring the specifics of certain incidences to the floor for discussion and clarification, but just the topic of selfish leading and following. I was hoping we could all get on the same page or at least see where each person in the group is at. I’m in an awkward position since I am still currently dealing with my own selfish leadership habits. I can only share, but it seems like more forceful teaching is in order. I have approached the fathers one-on-one, and they agree that changes are needed, but don’t change.


Of course it should be known and understood and as an absolute and ultimatum… that there is NO way that y’all can build together if CHANGE isn’t at the root of your existence together. Talking “only” is “self-deceit” according to God, and there MUST be a common commitment to be “good soil”—HEAR, RECEIVE, PUT INTO PRACTICE and a Jesus-Foundation, rather than the sand of, “I’ll think about it until it goes away.” There is not one single man, woman, or child here that doesn’t KNOW that JESUS’ Foundation is about “obedience of the Faith,” and that “putting into PRACTICE” is what ALL of Jesus’ Followers “from the least to the greatest” do. And one who will not, is not saved because he does not have the “deposit that guarantees the Inheritance” (1Jn.1-3).

Share it, teach it, stand on a couch and jump up and down and YELL it, privately or on video or in a public place—but it is the TRUTH OF GOD! Doulos just DO. Do.

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