What Cost Will We Pay?


Regarding a competitive athlete and his training and learning for mere earthly championships, below is the dialog between two real-time commentators on the athlete’s excellent skills during a match:

“At one time in his career, he lived a round trip total of 150 miles away from his gym, and he traveled that distance every day to train.”

“Wow. That’s called ‘dedication’ right there.”

“That’s called ‘You live in the wrong place.’ That’s called ‘MOVE.’”

What “cost” have you and will you or I “pay”—for Advancing God’s Kingdom in our lives and circumstance? What IS really “important” to US? Talking a good game doesn’t impress anyone in the world, and certainly not satan and his minions.

Let’s “work harder than all the rest” and “train for the prize” as “a disciplined athlete.” For JESUS? Can’t we, wouldn’t we?

“The children of this world are wiser in this generation than the sons of Light.”—Jesus

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