Child, Father, or Young Man...Who Are You?


  1. Child, Father, or Young Man...Who Are You?
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In terms of getting together and possibly listening to “Journey into the Most Holy Place,” some of the original thoughts behind it... Even before I say that, I was just thinking this morning, and I had some talks even yesterday with some guys about this—in John 13, before Jesus washes the disciples’ feet, it says that Jesus knew that Father had given all things into His hands, and where He had come from, and He knew where He was going, and He had his identity solidly in place so that there was a confidence before the Father that He had. And I was just thinking that if there’s anything that we have learned and tried to learn over the last twenty-plus years, it’s that same identity of who we are in Christ, and what Jesus has established for us and has empowered us and enabled us to do. And even in this recording, Mike shares about in Hebrews where it says that He has perfected—we have been made perfect, but are being made holy. I just think that’s an important backdrop to start from—just knowing that as we listen to this this morning, and some of the things that were even driving why I wanted to listen to it—that it’s not about any sort of condemnation or trying to revisit again this whole issue of our right standing before God, but it has to do with really who we are and how we’re going to function and how we’re going to be. For those who haven’t resolved that issue of “made perfect, being made holy,” I don’t want the things that you hear to somehow make you get all introspective. It’s not about being introspective in an unhealthy way, but being very introspective in a healthy way for the sake of the Lamb and for the sake of His Bride.

There’s nothing in here that you’re going to hear that’s new. I was thinking, for some of the young people who recently, in the last five or six years, have surrendered their hearts to Jesus—that it would be good for them to hear it again and just know this is what God showed to us almost from day one. This is really the progression that He has in mind for His people, for His church, and it would be good to just get this solidly in your heart, in your mind, and to really work towards it. But for the rest of us, I was thinking that it’s critical to listen to these things and to really see, “Where am I on this spectrum, and what am I going to be doing differently today, tomorrow, to make sure that Jesus gets all that He deserves from my life, and from our lives?” So, anybody else has anything else they want to say... We can listen to it and really consider.

I guess I’ll just say one thing. I have felt so much hope in the last few weeks that it’s been very exciting to me, and so I don’t want to create some sort of pall of somberness. You know, that’s not how I feel at all. I feel a lot about these things, but the hope that’s been welling up in my heart, and what each new day can look like—there’s just been a lot of hope and a lot of joy. When we were singing that song and Mike said, “Warrior,” I could feel in the room that everybody suddenly dug into the song a little bit harder and sang it a little bit louder. And that’s how I feel. Listening to this over the last few days, that’s what it really made me want to do with it. I have some very practical things that I knew that I needed to change and to apply and to be different, but I see nothing but hope for what today can look like and what tomorrow can look like. So, I just think that’s the way to approach hearing this.

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