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May I say something? I was just thinking that, if I understood part of Andy’s heart cry, I think he’s asking you guys to make sure you know that this is for you today—that our pace doesn’t have to be your pace—that part of what’s poured out to you is for you to take very seriously today, right now, who you are, who you’re meant to be, and hear this for you. Don’t take even the examples around you, but surpass us, okay? Take this. This is for you—for all who are in Christ Jesus, right now. Okay? Whoever you are. You know who you are. And for those of you who aren’t yet, this is part of what the inheritance is—or a description of, I should say—not part, but what you have to look forward to. But don’t let us in any way be your pacesetters or your standard. Listen to this and take it directly to heart immediately. I think that was probably part of what Andy had in mind.

And even in terms of “made perfect, being made holy”—if you’re still messing around with that after years and years of following Jesus and don’t have that settled, you’re just not going to be useful. You’re going to be paralyzed, you’re going to be hamstrung, because when you’re with other brothers and sisters— you’re sitting down at lunch, you’re sitting down at an evening—you’re just going to be thinking about yourself. You can’t think out of yourself, and you can’t be looking outward and have a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other, if what you’re concerned about is your own righteousness. Consider it a done deal, and finish it. Get on to the work. Stop worrying about your standing before God, about how people view you, about your reputation. It’s about the work. It’s about Jesus getting what He deserves. Just step out of the way. You’ve got to just consider that a concluded issue and move on, and be about Father’s business.

If we’re preoccupied with our own sin, with our own selfishness—yes, we deal with the sin, we need to take sin very seriously, very righteously, and repent of it and deal with it, but we can’t be so preoccupied with our own issues that we can’t see the issues in each other’s lives to help each other. That’s just how it goes. If we’re going to move from children to fathers, we’ve got to settle that issue and move on, because people are dying, and they’re dying because we’re wandering around in our own little eddies, as Mike mentioned so prophetically at the beginning of that. He said that you can get involved in these little eddy currents of your own selfishness and self-centeredness, to where you’re not useful to God and to His people. It’s important that we settle those issues and move on towards usefulness.

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