Until We ALL Reach Unity of the Faith


  1. Until We ALL Reach Unity of the Faith
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Maybe this is a good opportunity to break bread together. And as Andy said, the destiny that He has for each of us is—read it yourself—”until we all reach unity of the faith, until we all reach the full knowledge of the Son of God, until we all reach the full measure of the stature of Christ.” The only limitation any of us has is the Covenant Man. And so, as we break bread together with His Spirit living inside those who have made covenant with Him, comprehend that His intent and His purpose is that we all come to the unity of the faith, the full intimate knowledge—that’s the word, “ginosko,” intimacy of experience of Jesus Christ—and not only the experience of Jesus Christ, but the full measure of the stature of Jesus Christ: His character, His personality, His fruitfulness, His insight, His ability to have eyes of blazing fire and a voice of a thundering waterfall, a sharp two-edged sword out of His mouth—the Covenant Man.

As we break bread together, comprehend that that is His intent, that we all come to the unity of the faith, the full knowledge, intimate knowledge of the Son of God, and the full measure of the stature of Christ. The Covenant Man is our only ceiling and is our intended destiny. The spoken Word of the Father—that is His intended destiny for anyone that has put on Christ, been clothed with Christ, and has been endued with power from on high, given the gift of the indwelling Christ. Not that we would quench it, not that we would circumvent it with flesh, the cares and worries of the world, the deceitfulness of riches, the stupidity of bad habits that are unaddressed and unchallenged with one another, in one another, by one another. The full measure of the stature of Christ and the full intimacy of the knowledge and experience of Jesus—that’s His intent and plan.

So as we break bread, understand that what we’re sharing together by His blood, by His flesh, is the purchased price for everything that the Father has. Not for some little tiny part of it, but for the whole thing. Why would He pay such a high price? So that we could wander around in squalor in a tent city of nothingness? No, His intention is that the full glory of God would be manifest and seen: the City set on a hill that can’t be hidden. Don’t hide His light under a bushel basket.

So, if there’s no disagreement with the intent of His covenant and the Covenant Man, and the purchase price of that covenant, and then partaking of that covenant, and then exploring the full meaning of that covenant in this present age, in your present life, in your home—your home is not a hiding place from truth; your home is a laboratory for truth, your responsibility. So, as we share this covenant that heaven made with earth, ponder the opportunity that’s there and the responsibility that’s there.

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