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Jesus, with all the things we heard and talked about this morning, we break bread together. We know that this is a cup of blood. When the two disciples asked if they could be in Your kingdom, and You asked them if they could drink the cup that You would drink, they didn’t know what they were asking. And to some degree, we don’t really know what we’re asking for either when we say that we do want to pursue You. We do want to lay everything in our lives that is not of You on the altar. We know probably the cost and the pain and the degree to which this cup of blood that we’re about to ingest will completely pervade our being and our lives and change everything about us. To some degree, we don’t even really know what we’re asking, but nonetheless we do want to tell You that we want to be Your people. We want to obey Your word.

We know that You are more than worthy and more than trustworthy of our lives. And we ask You to turn us into fathers, turn us into young men. As the scripture we read talked about, it is to some degree a passive thing. We’re perfect, and we’re being made holy. That holiness comes by Your Spirit. It comes by Your work in us. Our cooperation with that isn’t zeal and working real hard, but believing You and obeying You, listening to Your voice, doing what You say, just letting You be our teacher, our Rabboni. And as we do that, as we listen, You will change us. As we behold You, we will become more and more like You.

So, Father, please do that. As much as every one of us in this room could probably say we know we’ve wasted time and we’ve wasted the revelation and effort that You’ve placed on us, we resolve together as one man that that’s not going to be the case anymore. We’re not going to waste what You’ve given us, and we’re not going to be foolish and untrustworthy with what You’ve entrusted to us. We do again just ask You to make us fathers, make us young men, make us people who You can use to bring the gates of hell down, and to let Your glory be seen in all the world and Your wisdom be seen through the powers and principalities. We appreciate so much the sacrifice You made for us, and we celebrate that together with eye to the future of what the ramifications of that are going to be. You’ve not only saved us, You’ve not only made us your children, but You are going to transform us and make us completely, unrecognizably different. Amen.

Jesus, we desperately need You, our Covenant Man, to lead us through these things. It won’t be because we determine or try by willpower to go and not make the same mistakes we’ve made, or not fail where we have, or not fall into patterns that we have, but because we discover You, our Covenant Man, to be who You are. So we’re asking You to open our eyes, and asking You together that as You recognize every heart in this room and every heart around the world that is sincere and serious about this, that wants to completely relinquish everything into Your arms and let You have Your way so that You can usher Your return, make it quick and faster and sooner—as much as You desire that for all who are willing to relinquish everything into Your arms so that You can have Your way, would You please help us? Teach us what it means that You’re our Covenant Man, that You’re our everything, that Your blood has purchased all for us, that Your life is meant to impart all within us and grow us up and change us and transform us. Please do these things within everyone who is sincere. Please help us to help each other. We need You deeply and desperately forevermore, because we can’t do this out of desire or intent, but we need You, and we want to connect to You for what You want. So please, please help us, and please recognize every heart that turns toward You with this intention. Please meet us and help us.

I was wondering if we could listen to and sing together the “Together We’ll Walk It Out” song? I was just thinking about, “We will pay whatever the price to be one heart in the Lord,” and thinking about the one heart being the full measure of the stature of Jesus in each of our lives. Not just that social unity of having lunches and dinner together, but holiness and oneness and the fullness of what Jesus intends for us.

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